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Boys usuAlly lovE A_____ moviEs 求答案!

action动作片为你解答,敬请采纳,Good luck.

the program action movies

你好,这个是SAT题吗?看着那么的让我眼熟..不是就当我没说哈正确答案是C usually like, 因为这里like是给boys当动词的,所以用复数形态,前面的everyone是用来误导你的,不要上当哦

boys always love AV

人物介绍: 1、Conan Edogawa After being discovered snooping around the shady business of a pair of criminals, Jimmy Kudo is given an experimental drug that transforms the teen sleuth to childhood size! Luckily Jimmy retained his intelligence

有两种 都给你发过来 省的你找了 When July comes,children know they'll have their examinations and the school year will __36__ soon.Boys and girls will have nearly a two-



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