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it's my turn to cry

I can be very patient and do things properly. 我可以很有耐性把事情做好.

搜一下:It's one's ture to do sth怎么造句?

Shall we clean the blackboard? 或者:Clean the blackboard, shall we?

The blackboard can't be cleaned.

肯定句:She often goes to school on foot.否定句:She doesn't often walk to school.肯定句:I usually clean the blackboard.否定句:I don't usually eat ice cream.

Sometimes I clean the blackboard.I sometimes clean the blackboard.I clean the blackboard sometimes.三种都可以谢谢采纳

1、She is showing them around our school.2、They are having a soccer game.3、We are having lessons at this time every day.4、I'm reading English newspaper.5、He is writing a letter to his parents.6、Look!Lily is cleaning the blackboard.

let me clean the blackboard.【me yc真诚为你解答此题,若有疑问请及时追问,满意望及时选为满意回答】

这句话的同义句有多种形式,以下是比较成熟的几种:1、Come on,the blackboard should be clean right now.2、What about cleanning the blackboard?3、Why not clean the blackboard right away?4、Shall we clean the blackboard in no time?希望能够帮到你,呵呵……


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