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ConFirm的用法,是Doing sth还是什么

continue doing sth 确定做某事 例句用法 1、His new role could confirm him as one of our leading actors. 他的新角色会确保他跻身我们的一流演员之列。 2、Further scans are required to confirm the diagnosis of an abnormality. 需要进...


confirm sb in sth 是“使某人更坚定;批准某人”的意思 confirm sth in sb 是“证实某人的”的意思 下面是几个例子~希望能帮助你更好地理解~ 1. When do you think the manager will confirm you in office? 你认为经理什么时候会批准你上任? 2. Th...

with sb 作方式状语

Think,believe同义词是suppose(猜想,以为) confirm的意思是证实、确认,同义词是make sure


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