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资产备抵账户(contra-asset account) 资产备抵账户是指该 账户 用来抵减某一资产账户的余额。 以求得该资产账户的实际余额的账户。 资产备抵账户:即被调整账户属于资产类。如“ 累计折旧 ”与“ 固定 资产”

Contra-asset 资产备抵;资产对冲 例句 1.The Allowance for Doubtful Accounts often is described as a contra - asset account. 坏账准备是一个资产对冲账户。 2.Accumulated Depletion is a contra - asset account similar to the Accumula...

Contra-asset 资产备抵 双语例句 以下例句来源于网络,仅供参考 1. Accumulated Depletion is a contra-asset account similar to the Accumulated Depreciation account; 累计损耗是一个资产对冲账户,与累计折旧类似。 www.dictall.com 2. Acc...

【The purpose主语】 【of accumulating depreciation in a contra asset account动名词短语,作定语,修饰主语】 【is系动词】 【to keep track of the ...


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