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做饭 cook the meals 第一时间为你解答,如有帮助,敬请采纳,如对本题还有疑问可追问,Good luck!

cook the meals:把饭煮了!


cook the meals 做饭; 烧菜; [例句]My mum used to help cook the meals for the children 我妈妈过去常帮忙给孩子做饭.

cook the meals做饭My mum used to help cook the meals for the children.我妈妈过去常帮忙给孩子做饭.2Dad: Can you cook the meals? Monkey: Sorry, I can't.爸爸:你会煮饭吗?猴子:对不起,我不会.


cook the meals:做饭菜.例句与用法:1. I would do all my own work and clean the house and cook the meals .我愿意包揽一切家务,打扫房子和做饭.2. I always cook the meal and do the dishes ! it ' s not fair我总是既做饭又洗碗!这太不公平了! 3. What can you do ? i can cook the meals你会干什么?我会做饭.

meals[mi:lz]n. 膳食;谷类(meal的复数)v. 进餐(meal的三单形式)

cook the meals 做饭She will plan the menus, do the necessary shopping, cook the meals, and serve them pleasantly. 她要安排伙食,上街买必要的东西,做饭并要使饭菜可口.

cook dinner做饭I have to go home, I have to cook dinner for my daughter. 我得回家了,我要为我女儿做晚饭.

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