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CoulD you plEAsE hElp to是什么意思

could you please help to 你能帮帮忙吗 could you please help to 你能帮帮忙吗

could you please(副词,不是动词) help(谓语) me(宾语)carry it(宾补,动词短语做宾补)

help只能加to do 或 do,所以:Could you please help me to carrying my bags是错误的。应该是: Could you please help me to carry my bags?

Please inform me as soon as you receive the payment so that I could ...You help to calculate the total price, and then tell me. If correct, I...

I'm sorry to inform you that the goods won't be ready until the 12th of this month. Could you please help us to check whether there is...

1. help sb. to do sth. 帮助某人做某事。 Can you help me to learn English ? 你能帮助我学英语吗? I can't help you to lift this stone. 我不能帮你搬这块石头。 2. be of some/ no/ much help to sb. 对某人有些 / 没有 / 很有帮助。 This...

分别是:Yes, I can. No, I can't. It depends on what do you want me to help.

Can/Could you please+v.+…?用来表示“请求别人做某事”。这是can/could的一般疑问句,并非询问对方有无能力,而是向对方提出请求,意思是“请你……,好吗?”。could是can的过去式,但在本句型中并不表示时间上的区别,而只有语气上的不同。could没有can那...


B could you please+动词原形表示你愿意做某事吗,其中could是表示语气,而不是时态。


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