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No,I am not going to submit it to another journal. 老美的习惯不是按照疑问句或者反义疑问句,他们只说出自己的真实想法,这和中国人习惯很不相同。


Do you still love me is true? 你还爱我是真的吗? I have not confirmed this love 我没有证实这爱

confirm password [英][kənˈfə:m ˈpæsˌwɜ:d][美][kənˈfɚm ˈpæsˌwə:d] v.确认口令; 例句: 1. Confirm password must be 6 characters long. 确认密码必须6个字符长。 2. ...

5.Do you need to re-confirm their account with the Express now?then we will contact you to the relevant company to express pick-up. 您现在是否需要...

别上船,直到你确定你站在我们这边 ship在这里有点像我们中文说的,我们在一条船上!

I thought of one thing which is not a bad thing to have insisted on the meaning of love is no reason to like wind blowing gently walk ...


Dear Applicant亲爱的申请者 Thank you for being a valued U.S. Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) customer. Your electronic Visa ...

course当然 tickets票 countries国家 right (now)就现在 confirm (机票)确定


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