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EAtDog mEAt什么意思

eat dog meat吃狗肉祝你学习进步!有不明白的可以追问!如果有其他问题请另发或点击向我求助,答题不易,

dog meat 是死人的意思no dog meat 就是说某人还活着


Dogs___don't___eat meat___either_____如果您认可我的答案,请点击下面的“选为满意回答”按钮,谢谢!

He tried to feed his dog meat ,but the dog didn't eat.

Eat dog meat and violation of the food safety related system, serious still can spread disease, threat to the life and health of the masses

我觉得没有其它含义吧,只是吃晚饭罢了.这里有几个关于dog的短语,如下: dog's breakfast 或 dog's dinner:乱七八糟;一团糟dog eat dog:狗咬狗;残酷无情的竞争;自相残杀let sleeping dogs lie:别惹麻烦;别多事翻译: I have dog meat for supper,it is great.

Wolves eat dog meat forever, forever harrow rake.

a dog likes to eat meat.

你好!不对,应该是tried making因为try to do表示努力去做,并且成功了而try doing表示努力去做,但是结果不一定成功这里后面说了结果小狗还是没吃,所以是try doing



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