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ExCusE mE的缩写

Excuse me有缩写形式.缩写为EXM.但是英语考试的时候不要这么写.excuse me 意思是请原谅(客套话,用于与陌生人搭话、打断别人说话等场合) 扩展资料:词组1.excuse for me today 原谅我今天2.Excuse me 对不起 ; 请原谅 ; 打扰了

“excuse me ”可以缩写,缩写后是:EXM,意思是:对不起,打扰一下音标:[k'skjs mi]相关词组:1、Please excuse me 请打扰一下 ; 打扰了我 ; 请你对不起我2、So excuse me 所以原谅我吧3、Excuse me for 请原谅我4、Excuse me

答案:A:Excuse me,Mum.( My ) dictionary B:( English ) or Chinese A:I want to look up a ( new ) word in my English text.I can't understand it.B:( Is ) it on your bookshelf A:No,it( isn't ).B:Is it in (


7. Excuse me, but I want to borrow your digital camera for my holiday. You _____have my camera unless you take care of it. A. might not B. shan't C. needn't D. shouldn't选Bshan't =shall not ; shall用于第二人称,表:“禁止”


excuse me.How can i get to.go straight this street for you'll come to second traffice lights.Turn left at hte lgihts.there is a bank on the cornerso,.turn at hte light.it's right on the corner.that's all right



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