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当它表示经验的时候就是不可数的 表示经历的时候是可数的 eg;My teacher has a lot of experience because sha has worked as a for 4 years.表示经验 I had a horrendous experience when I was a child.

An unforgettable experience Each person's life will experience many things, some lead a person to endless aftertastes, some bitter to swallow; some have long forgotten, some fresh.It is in the fourth grade when an experience. One day, I forgot to

experiences经验双语对照词典结果:experiencesn.经历( experience的名词复数 ); 经验; 亲身经历; 传统; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.In other words, they stuff experiences into well-worn patterns. 换言之,大脑会把经验转化为固定模式.

experience 作不可数名词讲是指“经验”,此时只有单数形式;作可数名词讲时指“经历”,多用复数形式.

experience [iks'pirins] n. 经历,经验v. 经历,体验 例句与用法:It was the most educational experience I had ever had. 这是我有过的教育意义最大的一次经历.We learn from the past, experience the present and hope for success in the future.

experience 英[ksprins]美[ksprins]n. 经验,体验; 经历,阅历;vt. 感受; 亲身参与,亲身经历; 发现;[网络] 经验; 体验; 经历;[例句]He has also had managerial experience on every level.他还有各个层级的管理经验.[其他] 第三人称单数:experiences 复数:experiences 现在分词:experiencing 过去式:experienced 过去分词:experienced 形近词: sexperience sexperience

英文原文:travel experiences 英式音标:[trv()l] [ksprins] 美式音标:[trvl] [ksprins]

作可数名词意思是 经历 an unforgettable experience 作不可数名词意思是 经验 he has a lot of teaching experience.

还是experience, 经历

(一)My experienceI have a special experience.it happend last week.我有一个特别的经历,它发生在上星期.I went hiking with my parents last week,when we walked in the



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