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feeling是“知觉”而 feelings代表的是“感情” 本身feeling一般是不可数的 所以也不存在复数形式之类的

feeling是“知觉”,feelings是“感情”,以下是牛津词典的解释:feelings [pl] person's emotions rather than intellect (与理智相对而言的)感情。

feeling是“知觉”,feelings是“感情”,以下是牛津词典的解释:feelings [pl] person's emotions rather than intellect (与理智相对而言的)感情。

Many things can affect our feelings,such as color,music or other people around us. For example, soft music can make up fell relax. Intense music makes us fell excited. Color does the same thing to our feeings, black things can ...

feelings和cognitions的区别 feelings 单词词义: n. 感情; 感情; 情感; 情绪; 心情; 感觉( feeling的名词复数 ); 同情; 知觉; cognition 单词词义: n. 认识,认知;

hometown feelings原文及翻译 hometown feelings原文 •Nowdays, every year there are millions of people from the countryside cities looking for work, Zhong Wei is one of them. In the past 13 years, he has lived in Wenzhou, he...

《Feelings》歌词 - Maroon 5 Feelings - Maroon 5 You and me and all that wild 你和我 所有的野性 Losing my collar dammit fly 扔掉我的项圈 飞离 Every guy that passes by 经过的每个人 Look at her, look at her oh 看着她 看着她 哦 And...

too busy feeling feelings and over thinking about it 太忙了,觉得感觉和思考过度

My feelings 正确。 My feelings 我的感觉;我的感情 He was afraid of hurting my feelings. 他怕伤了我的心。 What you said hurt my feelings. 你的话伤害了我的感情。

同学你好,很高兴为您解答! confrontational feelings,您说的这个英文词语在CMA的考试中比较常见,学会这个词语对考取英文CMA资格证书特别有帮助。这个词语的汉语意思是:对立情绪。 希望高顿网校的回答能帮助您解决问题,更多CMA的相关问题欢...


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