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friend英 [frend] 美 [frnd] n. 朋友;助手;赞助者n. (Friend)人名;(英)弗兰德短语1.Rob Friend 罗布弗里恩德2.old friend 旧交 ; 旧识 ; 老朋友 ; 故交3.Forever Friend 柯有伦 ; 永远的朋友 ; 永远的朋友演唱会 ; 柯有纶4.Extraterrestrial


Friend is one kind of good relationship without blood relationship. A true friend would be honesty, loyalty, loyalty, and take care of each other. Their interest may be very similar, and may often be together. They may also help each other, for example,

friend:翻译中文,朋友 I know away she and like one翻译中文为:我知道她走,像一 所以LZ你的解释NOT

a friend in need is a friend indeed, as we know,each of us needs friends in our life,because friends are treasure that we should cherish forever. however,what is a real friend? in my view, a real friend will help us when we are in trouble;A real friend will

friend是名词,意思是朋友;友人;赞助者;支持者;自己人;同志;同伙;同盟者.多指朋友.例句:He is my best friend.翻译:他是我最好的朋友.例句:He is a close friend of mine.翻译:他是我的挚友.扩展资料 friend除了做名字外,在

字面意思是 朋友 如果是大写,它可能是某本书或者是电影吧 比如说有个很有名的美国片就叫FRIEND, 咋们是翻译成《老友记》



杯子 [bēi zi] [词典] cup; glass; tumbler; tumblerful; [例句]杯子炸了.The glass has burst.friend 英[frend] 美[frnd] n. 朋友,友人; 资助者; 助手; 近亲; v. 与…为友; [例句]I had a long talk about this with my best friend我和我最好的朋友就此事进行了长谈.[其他] 第三人称单数:friends 复数:friends 现在分词:friending过去式:friended 过去分词:friended


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