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gEt oFF your high horsE是什么意思

get off your high horse 放下自己的架子 例句 First of all, get off your high horse. 首先,放下自己的架子。 2 You know I'm right! Get off your high horse and admit your mistake! 既然你知道我是对的,那就放下架子承认错误吧!

是一个IDIOM (俗语) to stop acting as if you are better or more intelligent than other people. He never got off his high horse long enough to consider how insulting his words were to many immigrants. Usage notes: also used in th...


放下架子,不再盛气凌人;变得和气eg:Mike will get Betty off her high horse. Mike 让 Better 不再盛气凌人。


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