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homEtown FEElings原文及翻译

hometown feelings原文及翻译 hometown feelings原文 •Nowdays, every year there are millions of people from the countryside cities looking for work, Zhong Wei is one of them. In the past 13 years, he has lived in Wenzhou, he...

hometown feelings 翻译成中文是:乡恋情结 [例句]Chi Zijian's novel has strong hometown feelings. 迟子建小说有着浓浓的乡恋情结。

The feeling of home 家的感觉 - some people still live in their hometown. However, others may only see it once a year or two times. Today, millions of Chinese people leave the countryside to find jobs in the cities. In these clo...

Hometown Feelings 家乡感情


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