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i hAvE A nEw CoAt For you.改为,同义句

I give you new coat

否定句: l won't bug a new coat for you. 我不给买你新外套。 例句: He turned off the television, put on his coat and walked out. 他关掉电视,穿上外套,出门了。 When Michelle Obama and the president stepped out of their limousin...

借助助动词do. Do you want to buy anew coat?

No, he doesn't

I want to buy a new coat. =I would like to buy a new coat. 祝你开心如意!

I don't buy a new coat.

Grandpa didn't give me a new coat. 爷爷没有给我一件新外套。


变疑问句为 Have you got a new coat? 还有什么疑难请继续追问哦~\(≧▽≦)/~

l will buy a new coat 【精】 【锐】


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