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in FivE yEArs怎么造句

1.He'll be back in five years.他五年后会回来。 2.He works at space station.他在太空站工作。 3.His grandpa lives alone.他的爷爷一个人生活。 4.I will beat you one day.总有一天我会打败你。 5.Wake up!It's time to go to school!快起...

In any event , the guidance that i penned more than five years ago in 在任何情况下,我5年前执笔的 Five years ago the start of a new semester . do you remember 你还记得五年前新学期开始的时候吗? The tree planted by my brothers f...

He is five years old 。他5岁 答案

it maybe yours

The hell yawns for that rogue. 地狱张着大口在等待着那个恶棍。 Where the hell were we going? 见鬼,我们这是要到哪里去? What the hell can it do? 它到底可以干什么?

1。I have had lunch already。 2.The moon has not risen yet. 3.Have you ever been to Beijing 4.He will never go there again.


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