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in thE lAst FEw yEArs 造句

I earned some money in the last few years.

A 1. a bit of 有一点儿 2. a big dinner 一顿丰盛的正餐 3. a bottle of 一瓶 4. a can of 一听,一罐 5. a cup of 一茶杯 6. a few 一些;少数几个 7. a few days ago 几天前 8. a few months ago 几个月前 9. a few weeks ago 几周前 10. a f...

There are few flowers in the room . 房间里没有花。

few people have the chance to receive a good education i have a few apples in my bag there is

He has few friends here, he feels lonely. 他这里没朋友,他感觉寂寞。 Few of my friends were there. 我的朋友中几乎没有人在那里。 The music appeals to the few. 这种音乐只有少数人能欣赏。 Few men have had such transcendental capac...

I have few friends in this city.我在这个城市里朋友很少。

I had a few foreign friends. 我有几个外国朋友。 She spent a lot of time reading books. 她花了很多时间读书。

I have tried to pack a good deal into a few words. 我尽量言简意赅。

over the years,Our country experienced a great development .这些年来 ,我国有了一个巨大的发展 I sure to win this game.我一定会赢得这次比赛 Austrilia is one of the driest place in the world..澳大利亚是世界上最干旱的地方之一 His ...

There are a few people who are addicted to playing video games getting good marks in their studies,and they know how to relax themselves while they are studying.


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