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in thE lAst FEw yEArs 造句

in the last few years是现在完成时的标志时间状语,意为在过去的几年中,造句就造现在完成时态。 I have learned something interesting in the last few years.在过去的几年中我学到了一些有趣的东西。

I have few friend.我有极少的朋友.(近似于没有)

He has few friends here, he feels lonely. 他这里没朋友,他感觉寂寞。 Few of my friends were there. 我的朋友中几乎没有人在那里。 The music appeals to the few. 这种音乐只有少数人能欣赏。 Few men have had such transcendental capac...


I had a few foreign friends. 我有几个外国朋友。 She spent a lot of time reading books. 她花了很多时间读书。

I have tried to pack a good deal into a few words. 我尽量言简意赅。

With few exceptions, guests are booked for week-long visits. 宾客们几乎毫无例外地预订了一周游。

few people have the chance to receive a good education i have a few apples in my bag there is

we have a little water to drink. 我们只有一点水可以喝了。we have little water to drink。 我们几乎没有水喝了。there are a few students in the classroom.班里还有几个人。there are afew students in the classroom。班里几乎没人啦。


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