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including后接名词,例如:Six people were injured,including a baby.included名词在前,例如:Six people were injured,a baby included.

不用解释那么麻烦. includeverb、(动词,做谓语)eg:The price includes both house and furniture. 价钱包括房子和家具.including、prep(介词)eg: I hate animals,including dogs 我讨厌动物,包括小狗.

include是动词,作谓语including 介词, 放在名词前面进行补充.很高兴为你解答!老师祝你学习进步!请及时采纳哦!多谢你的问题!^_^

1、include是动词,前面要有主语.在句子中作谓语.如:The price includes postage charges.价格包括邮费在内.2、including是介词,一般用在逗号后面,或者是冒号的前面,总之,是用标点隔开用的,但是有的时候它也是可以放在句子中的

include 是动词 including 是介词 功能,用法不同 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

两词都是包括、包含的意思.include与including的最根本的区别是:include不用于进行时态.只用于一般时态.所以,不可以用在不定句式.including本身就是进行时态的,所以可以用在不定句式.例句:the tour included a visit to the science museum.这次游览包括参观科学博物馆.(include) i've got three days' holiday including new year's day.包括元旦在内我有三天假.

include是动词 we went to the party ,my father included including是介词 we went to the party ,including my father. 除了词性不一样,用法也不一样,前者用于句末,后者用于句中或句首

Admission to the museum is included in the tour package.The price of dinner includes dessert. Please take this form and fill in the details, including your name and address and the classes you wish to take.Entrance requirement to XX university, including all costs involved, are published online.

include 是动词 including 是介词 彩虹包括七种颜色 The rainbow includes seven colours.我们有5天假期,包括周末在内 We have five days' holiday, including the weekend.若还有不明白请追问

includ是动词.意思是包含,包括.includs 是它的第三人称单数形式.比如说 the tour includs a visit to the Science Museum. including是介词,不是动词. the band played many songs, including some of my favourites.


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