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La la la la la la Mhmm... You’re the la love of my life One way ticket and of life to live Pockets full of sunshine Lots of love to give Longing for your kisses Longing for your arms to be holding me. I took the Friday night fl...

我心中的爱 MV

Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive ? http://www.sweethoney.cn/attachments/month_0611/m2006112065869.mp3

la la love on my mind 歌手:Ann Winsborn 专辑:La La Love on My Mind CDM One way ticket and of life to live 体验生命的单程票 Pockets full of sunshine 装满阳光的口袋 Lots of love to give 可以奉献许许多多的爱 Longing for your kis...


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