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look BACk on是什么意思

look back on 回首 look back on [英][luk bæk ɔn][美][lʊk bæk ɑn] 回忆; 例句: 1. Q: as you look back on more than 60 years in the valley, what surprises you? 问:回顾您在硅谷的60多年,有什么出乎你的意料之外的...

look back on英 [luk bæk ɔn] 美 [lʊk bæk ɑn] [词典]回忆; [网络]回顾; 回顾,回想; 回忆起; [例句]They can look back on their endeavours with pride. 他们可以骄傲地回首过去付出的努力

look back on 释义 回忆 网络 回顾过去; 回顾; 回忆,回顾 例句 I will look back on this year of my life and it will be the best of all my life. 我将回忆起今年的时光,它将是我一生中最美好的时光。 They can look back on their endeavou...

look back on 英 [luk bæk ɔn] 美 [lʊk bæk ɑn] 回忆 双语例句 1 They can look back on their endeavours with pride. 他们可以骄傲地回首过去付出的努力。 2 I can look back on things with a clear conscience. I did e...

三者都有回顾、回想的意思,但是review更偏重于复习的意思,不带感情色彩。 look back on 和retrospect一般可通用。偏重于回首过去-与展望未来相对,带有感情色彩

look back on/upon = call ...back 回忆,回顾

look back on 回顾往事 I like to look back on my high-school days, which were the happiest in my life. 我喜欢回顾我的中学时代, 那是我生命中最快乐的时光。 look back to 回头看,转身看 I looked back to my mom. 我回头看了看我妈妈。

the last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder if only 你想要的最后一件事就是回顾你的生活,想知道

look back on the past吧


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