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错句,改写: Look at my picture! 看一看我的画!

Look at my picture. 看看我的图片。 例句: Perhaps you all do not believe? Has a look my picture to know quickly pulls! 也许你们都不相信吧?快看看我的照片就知道拉!

选择d。 look at the picture看着张图片。 It's nice. 它很漂亮。

I want to have a look at your picture.

look my picture, danny!(改错) look! my picture, danny! 这里look是为了引起注意, look at my picture, danny! look at 后面加名词 希望对您有帮助

look at this picture看这幅图画。原句少了一个at。

She looks at a picture, but she can't see it. look at和see就是“看”和“看见”的区别。

Look!There is a picture of shanghai,too. 瞧,那里也有一张上海的图片。 地图是map 如有疑问,请追问!

完全:百分之百.也就是说除了为人民服务,再也没有别的目的.彻底:就是贯彻到底.也就是说不管什么时候,不管什么工作,都因该为人民谋利. 希望能帮到你~

要连读。come跟and连读;have跟a连读;picture跟of连读,字母r要发音,即[ˈpɪktʃə(r)] 。 语句连读很重要,在连贯地说话或朗读时,在同一个意群(即短语或从句)中,如果相邻的两个词前者以辅音音素结尾,后者以元音音素开头...


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