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mArtiAl Arts mAstEr怎么读

英文原文:martial arts master英式音标:[m()l] [arts] [mst] 美式音标:[mrl] [arts] [mst]

Master, Maestro 宗师master 英 [m:st(r)] 美 [mst(r)] n. 大师; 硕士; 主人(尤指男性); 男教师; vt. 精通,熟练; 作为主人,做…的主人; 征服; 使干燥(染过的物品); adj. 主人的; 主要的; 精通的,优秀的; 原版的; [例句]My master ordered me not to deliver the message except in private我的主人命令我务必私下里传递消息.[其他] 第三人称单数:masters 复数:masters 现在分词:mastering 过去式:mastered 过去分词:mastered

Kungfu/Martial arts/Wushu Master武术大师 Martial Arts Teacher/Coach武术教练

Michelle Yeoh _ played_ the part of a martial arts master.

文武双全 be well versed in both polite letters and martial arts be master of both the pen and the sword

am 【读音】英 [?m] 美 [?m] 【am的释义】 abbr.(=amplitude modulation) 调频,调谐 vi.(用于第一人称单数现在时)是 aux.(与v-ing连用构成现在进行时,与v-ed连用构成被动语态)【例句】 1、 I am a doctor. 我是个医生. 2、 I am filled

英文原文:martial arts master英式音标:[m()l] [arts] [mst] 美式音标:[mrl] [arts] [mst]

气功大师 [词典] qigong master; [例句]他是一位全国知名的气功大师.擅长一系列吐纳功夫和五种类型的武术.He's a nationally renowned expert at Qigong, a system of deep breathing exercises, and five types of martial arts.

1.一边背单词一边把单词大声朗读出来. 我们都有过这样的经验,当老师在用英语听写单词时,有很多自己并不知道的单词也可以照着读音写出正确的拼法.这是因为绝大多数的单词是可以听音写出来的,不规则的单词很少.可以这么说,如果

一定得采纳我!我找了半死!《功夫熊猫2》Pinggu beautiful and somewhat similar to Wudang Mountain, because the same are occupied by a group of martial arts masters. The difference is, however, peaceful valley of the martial arts master, are


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