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means 英[mi:nz] 美[mi:nz] n. 手段; 方法( mean的名词复数); 收入; 财富; v. 意味着( mean的第三人称单数); 引起; 打算或注定要某人成为或做某事; [例句]The move is a means to fight crime 采取这项举措是为了打击犯罪。 [其他] 原型: mean

mean和means的区别:读音不同、汉语意思不同、用法不同 一、读音不同 mean读音:英 [miːn] 美 [miːn] means读音:英 [miːnz] 美 [miːnz] 二、汉语意思不同 mean意思: v.表示…的意思;意思是;本意是;打算;意欲 adj.吝啬的;小...

means-testedadj.(补助金等)经过收入调查的,根据收入调查结果而确定的; 1Means-tested programs transfer income to people whose resource fall below a certain level.Government means-tested programs are about4.1 percent of GDP. 以经...

a means quicksand 一指流沙 a means quicksand 一指流沙

by on means的中文翻译 by on means 按意思 双语例句 1 A carbon coating was deposited on nylon fiber by means of PVD method. 采用PVD方法在尼龙表面沉积一层导电的碳薄膜。 2 A stamp certificate may be printed by the applicant or the ...

that means 这意味着 双语例句: 1.That means not to expect anything in return! 这并不意味着期待一切待到回报! 2.They want them to quote your report,” she says.“That means more money for thenext report. 他们希望能够引用你的报道”...


我不了解你的意思。或 我不清楚你的意图因为mean是个多义词,所以我写了两句

正确的写法大概是这样吧:the word Paint means,我猜测这句话的意思应该是“Paint这个单词的意思”或者说“Paint这个单词意味着”。 顺便说一句Paint有颜料、油漆、绘画的意思。

Red means Stop 红色代表停止(暂停)


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