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动词V.1. 深思、沉思、冥想(尤指精神上的问题) eg.I meditate in order to relax. 词组:meditate on/upon sth. eg.meditate on the sufferings of Christ 默想基督的苦难2.内心策划某事名词:meditation形容词:meditative副词?:meditatively

relaxing[英][rlks]adj.令人轻松的; v.放松; 休息(relax的ing形式); 缓和; 松懈; 例句:1.Some runners also find it very relaxing and meditative. 有些跑者还发现游泳特别能放松神经.2.On which families were relaxing in the sun. 海滩上有家庭们在阳光下休息

英语作文 我的家乡 my home town is a beautiful place. it stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice. but in the old days it was a poor and backward little town. many people had no work. they lived a hard life. in 1949 my hometown was

默默 quietly; silentlyin meditative silence默默地沉思She prayed silently.她默默地祈祷He stood up quietly.他默默地站立起He worked on quietly.他一直默默地工作着

Making a Decision the Meditative Way As a Buddhist teacher, I seem to attract people who cannot decide what to do. They are sometimes so desperate that they come to me in hopes that I'll make a decision for them. The odd thing is that after I

简介:华兹华斯(William Wordsworth,1770-1850年),英国浪漫主义诗人.其诗歌理论动摇了英国古典主义诗学的统治,有力地推动了英国诗歌的革新和浪漫主义运动的发展.创作:1、创作生涯:1798年9月至1799年春,华兹华斯同多萝西

induce vt.劝诱,促使,导致,引起,感应 第三人称单数: induces 现在分词: inducing 过去式: induced 过去分词: induced 举几个例子1、Music can induce a meditative state in the listener 音乐能够引导倾听者沉思.2、Taking a brisk walk

禅1 (禅) chán ㄔㄢ (1) 佛教指静思:坐~.参(cān)~.~心.~机(佛教禅宗启发门徒悟道时使用的隐语、比喻以及带有暗示性的动作等).~宗.~定. (2) 特指佛教的:~师.~杖.~林.~堂. 郑码:WSKE,U:7985,GBK:ECF8 笔画数:12,部首:礻,笔顺编号:452443251112 buddhist;zen; 禅2 (禅) shàn ㄕㄢ (1) 帝王的祭地之礼:封~. (2) 帝王让位给别人:~位.~让.受~. (3) 事物更(gēng)代.

The Title演唱者:The Author Welcome to a demonstrationof 3-dimensional sound.In order to achievethe most convincing effect,we advise youto close your eyes.The sound you are about to hearhas been recordedusing binaural technique.Binaural



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