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My eating habbits我的饮食习惯 I like to drink a cup of milk and two eggs for my breakfast.because they are good for my heath. 我喜欢喝一杯牛奶和两个鸡蛋作为早餐.因为它们对我的健康有益.For lunch I don't like to eat too much meat.because

My eating habitsActually,I usually eat something is very fast.Firstly,I can have a talk my meal eating habit.I like eating vegetables very much.I like eat fishes,chickens,crabs,shrimps and so on.I can't eat seafood,I am allergy at that.Secondly,what kind of

Under the take care of my mother, my eating habit is very regular. I often eat porridge in the morning. Sometimes my mother will prepare some pickles for me. But sometimes I will put an egg into the porridge to have the egg porridge. At noon, I will

Exhibiting overtones of or references to sex; scatological: 粗俗的,下流的:表现性的暗示或暗指性的;淫秽的: “The language on the stage was riper than anything I have heard in a lifetime of newspaper work”(John Hughes) “舞台上使用的语言比我这一辈子从报纸中听到的任何东西都要下流粗俗”(约翰休斯)

1. I think, good eating habit is very necessary, so I learned many good eating habits.我认为,好的饮食习惯是很有必要的,所以我养成了很多好的饮食习惯.2. I have a lot of habits, today, let's talk about eating habits我有很多习惯,今天,就让我们谈谈饮食习惯3. I have a lot of eating habits.For example:..我有很多饮食习惯,例如:


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I have two good friend,Li Ming and Li Lu.They have different eating habits. First,Li Ming often has a bread,an egg and drinks a glass of milk for breakfast.Some times,he also


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