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obsessed [b'ses]基本翻译adj. 着迷的网络释义Obsessed:桃色危机|鬼迷心窍|纠缠obsessed::被困扰的:连续地占据头脑的|著迷的,一门心思的obsessed adjective:着迷/牵挂/困扰的

boA-Obsessed It's a crime, it's a crime, it's a shame, it's a crime I'm climbing the wall, losing my mind, it's all your fault I'm breaking the rule, don't really care if I get caught Can't you tell that I'm in love love love Can't get enough of you, need you night

be obsessed by 稍带一点贬义 1.be obsessed with:沉迷于,着迷于,沉溺. Be what makes men such be obsessed with a world cup? 是什么让男人们如此痴迷世界杯? 2. be obsessed by 使烦扰;指(恐惧等)缠住 Be consumed by past joys

Obsessed着迷mariah careyAll up in the blogs你在博客上说Say we met at the bar我们在酒吧相遇When I don't even know who you are但是那时候我根本不知道你是谁Say we up in your house说我上你家Sayin' I'm up in your car说我总上你车But you

可以的~~ 好像可以说 she is obsessed with that book. 她对那书着迷了.着迷了形容她对书的态度. :)

你好!be obsessed with/by 如有疑问,请追问.

美国流行天后玛丽亚凯莉(Mariah Carey),已确定将在8月25日发行她的第十二张专辑《Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel》,首波主打歌《Obsessed》如今通过电台播出,在网上炒成一片,效果不是一般的惊人. 就像当初在脍炙人口的说唱

obsessed 英[b'sest] 美[b'sest] adj. 着迷的; 一门心思的; (思想) 无法摆脱的; v. 着迷( obsess的过去式和过去分词); 时刻困扰,缠住; 使痴迷; 使迷恋; [例句]He was obsessed with American gangster movies他迷上了美国黑帮片.[其他] 原型: obsess


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