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outbreak是什么意思,什么词性,有什么常用n.(战争,怒气等的)爆发;突然发生 vi.爆发 第三人称单数: outbreaks 复数: outbreaks 现在分词:


insert outbreaks意思是什么?insert outbreaks意思是什么? 我来答 分享 新浪微博 QQ空间 举报 1个回答 #热议# 李小璐直播卖货,明星效应在直播间可以坚持多久?

中世纪欧洲的黑死病英文哪位知道关于欧洲中世纪黑死病outbreaks occurred in 136163,136971,137475,1390,and 1400.Towns and cities were more

世界卫生组织的流感大流行警告的6个级别分别代表什么?_百度but has not resulted in human-to-human transmission sufficient to sustain community-level outbreaks. 在第三阶段 ,动物或人类

英文翻译Today is midwinter,it's a traditional day of China.Southerners will eat the sweet dumpling,which stand for the symbol of

英语语法句子 应该是 where the proof is。. 2.Most outbreaks including the most recent in Guinea have been in Africa 这里的

sebum是什么意思[英][ˈsi:bəm][美][ˈsibəm]n.皮脂; 牛羊脂;以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.Sebaceous glands

麻风病英文简称回答:麻风病 [医] gafeira、lepriasis

伦敦天花大暴发是哪一年?000 in 1796, and 42,000 beween 1837 and 1840. Densely populated London suffered regular outbreaks.The only known cases


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