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pAy AttEntion to Do somEthing是什么意思

pay attention to do something注意做某事例句1.Pay attention to what you're doing. Never be content to do something justbecause it's the way you did it yesterday.注意你所在做的事情,不要满足你昨日做过的事情.2.So in this journey, we should

对注意,对专注 通常是pay attention to 这样搭配 如: you must pay attention to your study. 你必须专心学习

这里的to是介词,后面只能接名词,代词,或者动名词.句型为 Pay attention to sth,或者 pay attention to doing sth例如 Pay attention to my speech, please.You should pay attention to working out this problem.

意思为:注意例句:1.Should I pay attention to all these warnings?我要注意这些警告么?2.You should pay attention to what I'm saying.你要把注意力放在听我讲课上.3.But I also pay attention to her.are you?但是我会照顾她的你还好吗?4.No one will pay attention to you!没人会注意你的!5.I don't pay attention to you, do I?我忽略了你,是吗?

pay attention to[英][pei tenn tu:][美][pe tnn tu]注意; 例Everybody should pay attention to sanitation and hygiene.人人要注意清洁卫生.

Pay attention to sth, to后面加名词.

pay attention to do sth.

意思:注意做;重视做 有这个用法.主要考察短语以及to后面的用法 pay attention to 后面可以直接加名词、代词或者动名词,但是值得注意的是,这里的to是一个介词,所以可以加动词的ing形式. 短语如下: pay great attention to 密

attention 是注意力的意思 attention please! pay attention to 把注意力放在某处 就是注意的意思啦

没有pay attention to doing sthpay attention to sth.因为to在这里做介词用.e.g1.pay attention to state affairs关心国家大事3.please pay attention to taking care of your baby.请注意照顾好你的小孩.


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