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My Sunset(original mix) 歌手feint QQ音乐可以搜索到

Fade Away Approaching Nirvana 歌手是Evolve

这几首刚好都知道: 1、rolling in the deep-Adele 2、High for this-Ellie Goulding(她的歌推荐4首:1、Figure 8;2、Hanging On;3、Lights——有各种版本REMIX;4、Skrillex&Ellie Goulding-Summit;5、提到Skrillex,顺便送一首:欧美群星-Pr...

第一个:she is my sin_nightwish 第二个:over my head sum 41 希望你满意~~~~~~~~~~~

People trying to hate on youAt least you know that's nothing newStop everything you're doing nowCause baby, you're awesomeSo awesomeYou look too ...

广告而已,如果真要知道的话只是说:“这里是这个星期以来,你关注的人在你Dashboard上面的种种精彩1 Dashboard就是Tumblr上你的主页


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