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plEAsE hElp to ConFirm是什么意思

please help to confirm 请帮忙确认 please help to confirm 请帮忙确认

Please confirm by today as the order for glitter has to be moved forward asap.

口语的话,直接说ok 或者 sorry, I can't.

Please confirm your email address 请确认你的邮箱地址 例句筛选 1. Please enter and confirm your email address. 输入和请证实您的电子邮件。 2. 6 . confirm email address : please reenter your frequently - used emailaddress and make...

Please kindly confirm. 敬请确认。 kindly是敬语,表示对对方的尊敬,一般用于商业信函中。

confirm the receipt of this e-mail 确认收到这封电子邮件 例句 1.Come as soon as you can on the receipt of this. 接信后希即尽快前来。 2.Would you mind, please, acknowledging the receipt of this letter? 收到此信后请回信告知。

Please confirm your email address 请确认您的电子邮件地址 例句 And make sure you've updated your secondary email address and security question, so you can recover your account if you lose access to it. 请确保实时更新备用邮箱和密...

Please help us to confirm whether we still use the following wafer in our factory or not. 就够了。你的英语其实很不错了。


please kindly confirm the order 语法没问题,语义有问题。kindly和 confirm不搭配;应该是; please strictly 【严格地】 confirm the order


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