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slow cooker 煲锅;慢炖煲;慢炖锅;慢烧锅 slow cooker 可以用来煮那种一锅里面什么都有的大杂炖,就是胡萝卜,土豆,肉放在一起炖。

slow cook 慢煮 The method and assessment standard of munition in slow cook-off test is introduced and the factors affecting slow cook-off response of munition are analyzed. 介绍了弹药慢速烤燃试验方法和评判标准,初步分析了影响弹...

3.And we got it cooking like a one-eyed stove. 我们的热火瞬间点燃黑夜。 4.Couldn't slow down so we had to crash it. 绝不放慢速度,宁愿粉身碎...


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