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帮我翻译一下伟大的悲剧回答:the great tragedy

纸牌屋中有哪些惊艳你的台词?beversedin : 精通 burn one's bridges: leave no possibility to retreat.steamroll v. to overwhelm


英语句子中的单词都认识,但翻译不出来或翻译的不对One could not be too careful in a new neighborhood.在一个陌生的地方,越小心越好。It is a wise

马尔克斯获诺贝尔奖的颁奖词英文版有人知道吗?able to decide for others how they die, where love will prove true and happiness be possible,

英语翻译高手来Only want to say:so long as you receive my goodwill for you,that's enough,it needn't be repaid.只想留在你身旁,看

《是,首相》与《是,大臣》有哪些经典台词?And let's be quite clear about this possibility that affairs are being conducted

哪些句子拯救了你的英文邮件?(If possible) I (also) need to know…我想知道…… 4. 作出回答 You asked us

有哪些美到窒息的英文句子 ?1. Let life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn leaves.---生如夏花之

请英语达人帮我翻译这些句子 谢谢~尽量翻的.我遇见了所有的不可能,却遇不见可能的你 I've seen all the impossible, but I can't see the possible you.2.你知道


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