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原形sopn.用以慰藉或讨好某人的事物;泡湿的面包片等vt.将(面包等)在液体中蘸或浸泡;用海绵、布等吸起(液体等)由此你应该可以看出sopping是一种怎样的湿透的感觉了吧另:shopping mall 不是sopping mall

pulled off:拔了例句:1I pulled off my sopping mittens. 我摘下了湿漉漉的手套.2He sat in a kitchen chair, reached down and pulled off his boots. 他坐到厨房的椅子上,俯身脱掉了靴子.柯林斯例句库

I went to shop with my friends yesterday.i feel very happy because i bought a toy-bear,it looked very lovely and my friends helped me bought a T-shirt.To my surprised,I saw my mother buying vegetables


这句话的意思应该是~他很明白在过程中吸取教训 口语WALKING这里可以理解为走过的过程~

I am going to do some shopping.我要去买点东西.



in ten days.十天后;[例句]In ten days we collected over 100 varieties.十天之中,我们采集到一百多个品种

Shopping on the Internet Did you ever been bought something from the internet? Did you know how to buy the things on the internet? Almost every family will have one computer now. and they can watch TV. play games, also shopping. First of all,

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