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spArE mE An sEConD怎么翻译?

我能占用一下你的时间吗? Can you spare me a second? 同义句: Can I get you a second?" 我能不能占用你一点点的时间 。 Can you spare me a few minutes? 我能占用你几分钟时间吗?

Could you please spare me sometime for an interview?



不是nots 是 notes I intended to compare nots with a friend, but_he__couldn't spare me even one minute he 才是正确 因为上面写得很清楚, 是 a friend 我打算和一个朋友比较笔记,但他 (忙得)连一分钟也不能给我。

英语自我介绍范文1: Good morning, everyone! I am glad to be here for this interview. First, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Qin Jiayin. I was born on April 23, 1981. I am a local person.I am graduating from Jilin ...

有问题的,最后一句是错的,而且整个语句也不通,重新翻译吧 他们厌恶我,躲在旁边站着,不住地吐唾沫在我脸上。 They abhor me, hide and stand by the side , never stop spitting on my face.

1. Tomorrow is Saturday,I will play football with my good friends in the morning.And in the afternoon I am going to playing games with Xiaoming.He hope that I can have dinner at his home.and after dinner we can do our homework ...

1.gave me the first violin to me 2.spent some of my spare time on playing 3.spent four weeks in 4.wanted us to imagine 5.not only ,but also know 6.help you learning 7.to buy me a dog 8.I'd like to learn 9.Why not taking , to th...

你只是把我当做备胎来对待。 感觉是中式的理解 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!


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