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[一]take notice of和take note of 都是注意... 例句:He never takes any notice of my advice. 他从不注意我的劝告 Take note of what I say. 请注意我讲的话 take notice是注意(接THAT从句或of) take note 是注意时(接of) 此外(注意区别), tak...

当然是take notes 我不记得有take note这个短语,向来都是用notes的,就连我们老师说的时候也是说后者,或者根本就没有这个短语

固定搭配,没有take a note这种说法的,take notes解释为记笔记

做笔记一般都是用 take notes 。make notes是不常用的,也不地道。 take notes v. 记录; 作笔记; 摘记; [例句] 1、Do you usually take notes in class with a pen or pencil? 你在课堂上记笔记通常用钢笔还是铅笔? 2、Take notes during the c...

take a note 代表一个而已 超过一个note要加s 凡是超过1个都要加s

take note of: vt. 注意 Please take note of our signature, and regard no others as genuine. 请记下我们的签名,其它签名均属无效。 Please take note of this announcement. 请注意这个通知。 Have the kindness to take note of my signat...

一般都是说 take notes (记笔记),很少说 make notes

做一些笔记 take some notes 下次要注意当中的空格哈

可以这样理解:Students are busy (taking note in class). 句子主干是students are busy,后面taking note in class是现在分词作状语

Tip #1: Polish your note-taking skills! One of the best ways to improve your grades is taking good notes. Good notes are what help you learn and study. Learning and studying is what gets you those big As on your report card. St...


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