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thErE is no nEED与it is no nEED的用法

it is no need doing sth there is no need (for sb)to do 结构上有区别,意思差不多

' It is ' 有假设/疑问性. - It is no wonder that you have this question. ' There is ' 有存在/肯定性. - There is no need that you should say sorry. 我们用 ' it / it is ' 来指时间、 距离、 天气 和 一般环境 - 时间 : 用 It is 10 o'c...

therie is no need 和 it is no need都可以啊,用法如下 - it is no need doing sth - there is no need (for sb)to do

B there 我记It用候东西,都些易错句式: 像面些句用There be,用It is/was 1.There is no need to do/for ...没必要…… 2.There is a chance that ...能…… 3.There is some difficulty/trouble in .. 做……困难 记

it is no need doing sth_有道翻译 翻译结果: 它是没有必要做某事 doing 英 ['duːɪŋ] 美 ['duɪŋ] n. 活动;所作所为 v. 做;干(do的ing形式) Doing 做,记录,实施 Doing Business 做生意,经商环境报告,营商环境报告 ...



be动词后面不可以加need的原形,一般用needed,表示被动,意思是被需要。 例句: 1、It is not too late, but prompt action is needed. 现在还不算晚,但是需要立即采取行动。 2、The area is needed for a land reclamation project. 一个土地...

1.的确是固定句型。 2. 用法嘛 我觉得都可以 譬如There is no time /need "to care"或者 “caring “ about the trifles . 都是可以的,当然根据一般的规律用ing分词形式当然更强调动作的实时性和进行性啦 ,这个要自己判断。 3.正如我刚刚举例中...


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