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你这句话是初二教材上的: 此处back为副词,修饰in April,意为in(to) the past。以下是《牛津高阶第7版》的截图,请阅读详细解释和相关例句: 这句话网上问的人可多了,各种回答均未说出什么个道道来。请看看我的解释有理有据,权威解释哦。如...

go there back 意思是 “回到那里”。整句翻译:我四月回到那个地方. 注意区别:I went there and back in April. 我去了那里四月就回来了!

go there back 或者go back there两种说法我都见过,后面这种你就不会觉得back怪了,意思是, 我在四月份回到那里去了。

There ____a____ new problems in respect of the relationship between the two countries in recent years. A. rose B. raised C. lifted D. ...

Dear Gina I just came back from Beijing. I went there two weeks ago with my family. We stayed there for 12 days. It was the first time I went but my family had been there before. We went there for sightseeings. We have visited ...


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