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whAt An niCE photo改错

thank you


How nice the photo is!

how a nice photo对了

Who's What's great my mother She's a doctor

there is a nice photo,too. 这也是一张漂亮的照片。

A 试题分析:句意:——哦,一张漂亮的照片!这是你叔叔的孩子吗?——是的,它是我的堂兄弟。A. cousin 堂兄弟; B. sister 姐妹; C. brother 兄弟;D. daughter 女儿。根据your uncle’s child可知叔叔的孩子,是堂兄弟。故选A。

答案B 根据句意该用比较级. 查看原帖>>

An old picture that's his big or shirts looks nice but it is small.

when is your birthday?你的生日是什么时候 my sister's birthday is may 16th.我妹妹的生日是五月16号 the girl study very hard.那个女孩学习很努力 when is your national day国庆节是什么时候 希望能帮到你


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