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whAt CAn i sAy什么意思

What can I say 我还能说什么呢; 我还能说什么; [例句]What can I say? We're all ready. 我能说什么呢?我们都准备好了。

一般不是这样说法 直接用 what can I say 后面的any more是很多余的 整句如果是想表达,“我还能说些什么呢?” 那么就去掉后面的any more

歌曲名:What Can I Say 歌手:Dead by April 专辑:Dead by April (Bonus Track Version) I try to be all that you need Try not ever let you down still I can see it in your eyes Not good enough This time I believed that I really could ...

What can I say? 我能说什么? 注: 特殊疑问句,特殊疑问词what、how、why等必须位于句首。

what can i do 歌手:the corrs 专辑:unplugged i havent slept at all in days its been so long since weve talked and i have been here many times i just dont know what im doing wrong what can i do to make you love me what can i do...

只要把“我能说什么?” 的英语是What can I say (about it)? 搞清楚,阁下的句子就不难了。 正解:What the fuck can I say (about it)?

what else can i say? 我还能说什么呢? 双语例句 1 What else can I say? His music is his life embedded in song. 我还能说什么呢?他的音乐是将生活融于歌曲! 2 What else can I say if you have already made up your mind? 若你已拿定主...

Piercing words, eyes are red 心痛的话语,哭红的双眼 Watched your tail lights in the rain 看着你在雨中闪烁的身影 Empty heart filled with regret 我空虚的内心充满了悔恨 I know we were both to blame 我知道我们都没有错 And I'm not ...

What can I say 网络 我还能说什么呢;  我还能说什么 双语例句 1 I know but what can I say. 我知道,但是我能说什么? 2 What can I say? We're all ready. 我能说什么呢?我们都准备好了。



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