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whAt ElsE CAn i sAy是什么意思

what else can i say? 我还能说什么呢? 双语例句 1 What else can I say? His music is his life embedded in song. 我还能说什么呢?他的音乐是将生活融于歌曲! 2 What else can I say if you have already made up your mind? 若你已拿定主...

feeling used,感觉被利用了,but I'm,但我…,still missing you,还是想着你,and I can't,而我依然不能,see the end of this,接受这结果,just ...

1.What else can I say? 2.Do you want anyting else? 3.Did you see someone else there? 4.Did anyone else come here? 5.I want to live in somewhere else. 6.This may be someone else's. 7.If the policy is wrong,then nothing else will...


What other things does he say ? 答题不易,满意请采纳!谢谢!:)


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