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是 yeah的英音:[j] 美音:[j]

Yeah [ja: 或耶/耶儿 ]adv.是1.Yes的美语表达. adv.是, 对的(infml非正式)2.adv. =of course, absolutely, sure, sure thing 3.interj.语气词.用于表疑问.Examples1. Will you go swimming with us this afternoon?Yeah! Yeah! 2. Is this mine? Yeah.3. -Mike? _Yeah? What's up?

yeah: [ j: ] adv. 是 例句与用法: 1. Oh, yeah? 哦,是吗? 2. Oh, yeah. It's delicious. 哦,是的.味道很鲜美. 3. Yeah, if it's not too far away. 如果不太远的话,那好. 4. Bart: Yeah, Blowing you kisses and winking her eye. 巴特:对,送你飞吻和眨眼.



《Yeah》 yeah yeah yeah Primetime Sexcrime Confess, you did it for sex an holy sin today instead it was a bless I spend the rest of my time Thinkin 'bout the all wicked actions over crime I try, forgettin' my mind kill is not a good way for the soul to

有可能是我听过的 Usher 成名曲 yeah或者是 JAY-Z Empire State of Mind

Bang Bang by: Jessie J

yeah[英][je][美][j, j, j-]adv.是; ( yes的俗音); (用于表示对后说的话不相信); (用于作出回应)哦; 双语例句And he said, 'Yeah, I know,''Bryant recalled.据布莱恩特回忆,坎帕佐说,是啊,我知道.


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