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you'D BEttEr是you woulD BEttEr还是you hAD BEttE...

wp应该是up 句子意思是:你最好站起来

情态动词都不能直接做谓语,需要接个动词原形一起作谓语。eg: I can ride a bicycle。 can ride一起做谓语。 You'd better go home right now. had better go 一起作谓语。 等等。 希望明白。

you'd better do 是固定用法。 没有这个的:You would better to do sth

是I'd better do, had better do sth.最好做某事

和send 一起作谓语

When I have you, I don't want others even though they are better than you. 当我有你的时候 我并不需要其它人,即使他们比你好

you can find a better man than me 你会找到一个比我更好的男人

Hello, I am Oliver are better than 知识词组当中的一种复数形式,原型应该是be better than或者是do better than 因为始终better 是good 比较级! Thank you very much!

But I'm glad you are feeling better. 但是我很高兴你好了很多。

If one day I really become someone else's bride, I hope you can find a better one, too. 中文翻译如下: 如果有一天我真的成为别人的新娘,我希望你也能找到更好的新娘。 重点词汇释义: If one day:有朝一日 really:实际上; 真,真正; ...


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