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The book is yours.

Is this yours?

Can you show me your notebook? 人称代词主格 Did you find your jacket? 人称代词主格,形容词物主代词 You are my best friend and I am yours. 人称代词主格,名词性物主代词 I want you to go there right now. 人称代词宾格

yours 英[jɔ:z] 美[jərz] pron. 你(们)的东西; 你的责任[义务]; 你的家属; 来信,尊函; adj. 你(们)的(东西); 信末署名前用语; [例句]I'll take my coat upstairs. Shall I take yours, Roberta? 我要把我的外套拿到楼上去。罗...

this book is mine , yours are over there. there are three books ,mine are the green one. is this bike yours?No,it's his. this birthday cake is yours. is that bike his?Yes,it is. look,there are two watches.the green one is yours...

Is this pen yours or mine ? 这支笔是你的还是我的? This umbrella is yours, not mine. 这把伞是你的,不是我的。 These books are mine, not yours. 这些书是我的,不是你的。 Yours is better than mine. 你的比我的好。

The yellow one is yours.黄色的这个是你的。谢谢采纳

the red hat is yours(精)(锐)

My son is crying now.The bag is mine.Is this your handbag?His/her/our/their/son said that he saw a girl looks like you.That's ours/yours/theirs.

都在代指某物时用,mine是“我的”,yours是“你的”。 比如:This red pen is mine, and that blue one is yours.


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